i-Mix Smart Vortexer

i-Mix Smart Vortexer


Product Details:

  • Convenient and easy handling of touch-to-mix (short mix) mode
  • Elegant and compact design 
  • Outer surfaces are made of chemical-resistant plastic with a thick base for steady operation 
  • Adjustable speed to accommodate to different experimental requirements 
  • Built-in, portable 12V low voltage power adapter

Cat. No. E30011

Simply touch to mix. Adjustable speed settings allow for different experimental requirements. Compact and ergonomic, the Touch Fairy Vortexer would fit into even the smallest of workstations. 

Cat. No. E30011
Mixing method Circular 
Shaking Orbit 4.5 mm
Speed 0 - 2800 rpm
Power AC90-230V, 15W
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 85 mm
Net Weight 1.2 kg

Document Description 

i-Mix Smart Vortexer Flyer
i-Mix Smart Vortexer User Manual