i-Spin 10K + Mini Centrifuge

i-Spin 10K + Mini Centrifuge


Product Details:

  • Fits 8 tubes compared to your usual 6, allowing for 1.5x greater centrifugal force at the same speed
  • Convenient interchangeable rotors with clip-on fix
  • Includes rotors accessories and tube adaptors

Equipped with 2 rotor types

  1. 8 x 1.5ml rotator (suitable for 8 x 1.5ml / 2.0ml tubes with additional 0.2ml & 0.5ml tube adapters)
  2. 8 x 0.2ml x 2-strip rotor (suitable for 8 x 0.2ml PCR tubes)

Cat. No. E20011

The compact and ergonomic Mini Centrifuge fits easily into small workstations. Simply pop in your samples, adjust your desired speed and time settings, and you're good to go. User-friendly and able to accommodatte varaible tube sizes. Opening/closing the cover stops operation for your safety. Suitable lab applications include differential centrifugation, extraction of supernatant from a variety of samples, separation of trace blood cells and many others.  Comes in 2 models to meet different needs for speed.

Cat. No.  E20011
Speed 3000 - 10 000 rpm
Centrifugal Force 1000 - 7500 g
Time Range 1s - 999min
Noise ≤55dB
Power AC110/220V, 50/60Hz, ≤45W
Fuse 0.5A /1.0A
Dimension  175 x 155 x 118 mm
Net Weight 1.5 kg

Document Description 

i-Spin 10k+ Mini Centrifuge Flyer
i-Spin 10k+ Mini Centrifuge User Manual